Top 10 Longest National Highways in India

Top 10 Longest National Highways in India

Indian road network incorporates a terribly wide selection of enticing, from the corner of rural villages to the highrise building of railroad cities. This road plays a really vital role to develop the infrastructure of a rustic and facilitate to spice up the economy also. Asian nations national highways connect each major town of India from north to south to east to west, their area unit major road comes happening referred to as Golden Quadrilateral highways and lots of tiny beside.

National route seven
Length: 2,369 km
From Varanasi to Kanyakumari
Route: Varanasi> Jabalpur> Nagpur> Hyderabad> Bangalore> Madurai> Kanyakumari
National route seven is renamed as National route forty-four, The 2,369 klick long road is that the longest National route of {india|India|Republic of Asian nation|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} and one in every of the most important road network between south and north India. The National route forty-four cross vi Indian states and connects major Indian cities like Varanasi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Madurai. a number of the part of NH7 or NH44 is chosen as North-South passageway and Golden Quadrilateral route comes.

National route vi
Length: 1,949 km
From Hajira to Calcutta
Route: Hajira> Surat> Dhule> Nagpur> Raipur> Sambalpur> Calcutta
The second national route of Asian nation NH vi is that the major project of National route network of India. National route vi run through the west to the east corner of Asian nation via vi states and lots of cities and cities.

National route five
Length: 1,533 km
From Cuttack to metropolis
Route: Bhubaneswar> Visakhapatnam> Vijayawada> Nellore> metropolis
The geographical region route NH5 runs through the coastal region of the Asian nation and connects state, state, and Madras. Its one in every of the most important highways in the Asian nation originates at the Junction of NH vi close to Cuttack.

National route fifteen
Length: 1,526 km
From Pathankot to Samakhiali
Route: Pathankot> Amritsar> Bhatinda> Bikaner> Jaisalmer> Kutch> Samakhiali
The NH fifteen is one in every of the most important route of northwestern Asian nation, connects Samakhiali of Gujarat to Pathankot in the geographical area via Rajasthan. National route fifteen is that the one,526 klicks long road network and connect major cities like Amritsar, Jaisalmer and run of cutch.

National route two
Length: 1,465 km
From urban center to Dankuni
Route: Faridabad> Mathura> Agra> Allahabad> Varanasi> Mughalsarai> Aurangabad> Dhanbad> Durgapur> Calcutta
The Delhi-Kolkata Road is understood as National route two, one in every of the foremost busiest road network in the Asian nation. Most of the part of National route two is constitutes on Grand highway, Asia’s oldest and longest major road. National route two contains Belghoria state highway, Durgapur state highway, Kanpur Over-Bridge, and Allahabad Bypass state highway.

National route eight
Length: 1,428 km
From urban center to metropolis
Route: Delhi> Gurgaon> Jaipur> Udaipur> Gandhinagar> Ahmedabad> Vadodara> Surat> Silvassa> metropolis
National route eight is that the 1st project to got complete of the Golden Quadrilateral project. The 1,428 klicks long route connects {indian capital|New urban center|Indian capital|capital of Asian nation|national capital} Delhi to industrial and diversion capital of India, Mumbai. Delhi-Gurgaon state highway and Ahmedabad Vadodara state highway or NE1 area unit the part of NH8, its referred to as Western categorical route in the metropolis. vital cities on the route area unit pink town Jaipur, capital town Gandhinagar and Silvassa, capital of Union Territory Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

National route seventeen
Length:1,269 km
From Panvel to Kochi
Route: Panvel> Panaji> Ankola> Maravanthe> Mangalore> Kozhikode> Ernakulam> Kochi
The National route seventeen is currently referred as NH sixty-six is that the most stunning route in {india|India|Republic of Asian nation|Bharat|Asian country|Asian nation} connect Panvel to Kochi through western coast of India and parallel to western ghats mountain ranges and the Arabian Sea. National route seventeen passes through high hills, dense forests, long rivers and conjointly bit shores of Arabian Sea at Maravanthe. Maravanthe is that the solely place wherever NH sixty-six runs between the watercourse and the Arabian Sea.

National route four
Length:1,235 km
From Thane to metropolis
Route: Mumbai> Pune> Kolhapur> Hubli> Bangalore> Kozhikode> Vellore> metropolis
National route four conjointly referred to as Pune-Bangalore road is that the major a part of Golden Quadrilateral project to attach 2 capital town of the metropolis to metropolis. NH four passes through a number of the terribly thickly settled Indian cities metropolis, Pune, metropolis and metropolis. The NH four is supplemented by the primary state highway of Asian nation, the Mumbai-Pune state highway and triangle of National Highways NH7, NH46.

National route three
Length:1,161 km
From Agra to metropolis
Route: Agra> Gwalior> Indore> Dhule> Nashik> metropolis
The National route three or NH3 is popularly referred to as AB road or Agra to Bombay route that
runs through the four states of Asian nation and connect Agra in the province to the town of the metropolis. AB road is one in every of the foremost busiest road and therefore the major section of North-South passageway project at between Agra and Gwalior.

National route thirty one

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